Man on the Moog

by Kano Kanape



Kano first time on zerO413


Matteo Pitton (Eintakt / Diametral):
"the matthias springer remix for Goliath is my fav track! thanks for sending" (will play)
Luis Nieva (Area Sur Records ):
"nice release thanks" (will play)
Gunther ():
"very nice! thx" (will play)
Salah Sadeq (alola, sexonwax, techfui):
"nice " (will chart) (will play)
Emiliano Martini (Proper Slap/KGBeats/Faceless/Monique Chronique):
"dope bundle !" (will play)
James Johnson aka Plural (Re(Form) Panel Trax, Absoloop, 6ONE6, Dosed,C24,Home Recordings, Orange 82, Concerns Music,METROPLEX,DITEKT):
"Nice release!" (will play)
Solarfall (Logism):
"Great stuff.Thanks for the music:)" (will chart) (will play)
G Cue (MIkita Skyy [Canada], Extended Play [UK]):
"enjoying this entire release. Great work Kano Kanape. Cheers, and thx for another proper promo" (will play)
Matt Xavier (Railyard Recordings):
"Goliath and Echoplanet are for me. Trippy!" (will play)
Andreas Lindemann (Playmusic Productions):
"Man on the Moog is fabulous....congratulation Kano" (will play)
The Zone Records Radioshow:
"thanks! download for The-Zone 88.9fm Radio show! Check for future playlist!" (will play)
Nick Warren (Hope Recordings):
"Excellent, love all 3" (will play)
DJ Badre ():
"Echoplanet by Kano Kanape " (will play)
Paco Osuna (Plus8):
" Will try thanks ;)" (will play)
Peter Miese ():
"..schöne tiefe..gefällt" (will play) ():
"very good release! will play! thanks" (will play)
Gianluca Catra (Pacha Recordings):
"Thanks, Download !!" (will play)
Tim Thaler (BLN.FM):
Re-UP (UponYou, Dissonant, Kina Music):
"Springer rmx for me.. thanks :)" (will play)
Mild Bang (XOOD, Loco, Thoughtless):
"Goliath is great!!" (will play)
Takashi Watanabe (Hypnotic Room):
"I like "Man on the Moog" and "Goliath (Matthias Springer Remix) " nice EP !!!" (will chart) (will play)
Oshee (Klopfgeist):
"Goliath is the one! THX" (will play)
"Goliath (Matthias Springer Remix),Echoplanet are awesome thank you will rotate right away" (will chart) (will play)
Nvelope (Diametral / Eintakt):
"Goliath (Matthias Springer Remix) and Echoplanet for me. THX !!!" (will play)
Anderson Noise ():
"thanks for the music" (will chart) (will play)
Richie Hawtin (M-nus):
"downloaded for r hawtin"
Al Bradley (3am Recordings/i! Records/Bulletdodge Records/Paper Recordings/Deep Site etc)):
"Difficult to choose a favourite from these - of the 3 originals, each offers up something special, with the trippy Echoplanet really bringing something cool. Matthias again drops a wicked remix too, real class :)" (will play)
Dima Plastic ():
"nice ep" (will play)
Laurent ():
"" (will play)
Black Nation Records:
"" (will play)
PointBender (Harmonious Discord, Guidance, Thoughtless, Blaq):
"echoplanet is great!"
Tom Schön (Soap, BluFin, Circle Music, Praxxiz, Sickness, Soundso, Glovel Deep, Anorrak, Abiesa):
"Phaat smooth sounds THX" (will play)
Adam Collins (Euphoria Records, Subtrak, Like-Button):
"Goliath by Kano Kanape" (will play)
Kareem Gokem (Dubmission Radioshow):
"Kano Kanape I'm hearing of for the first time but I'm sure it won't be the last" (will play)
Joseph Capriati:
"Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks."
Dave Stuart ():
"" (will play)
Mark J (Radioactivity Productions):
"REALLY cool e.p!" (will play)
Acoustic Resource ():
"Echoplanet is my Favorit " (will chart)
Acidted (Blog):
"So hard to choose between Matthias Springer rmx and Echoplanet.. Please send postable streams to" (will play)
Gordon Barclay (bulletdodge):
"Goliath the pick here" (will play)
Lyn Stanford ():
"Smooth tunes and classic dub vibes" (will play)
Bruno Dietel ():
"support for awesome matthias springer remix!" (will play)
Juan Moreno (SoundBlackRecordings-JetAloneMusic-CentralDogma-Mixe-Ruter-XOOD):
"Goliath (Mathias Springer Remix ) for me, nice relase !" (will play)
Francois Bresez & El Marco (Supermarket Unlimited - Rimoshee House - Crossworld Academy - konzept [:] musique ):
"Goliath for us" (will play)
Shi Buka / Swen Hutmacher (DSR Digital, Diametral Cube, Contrast-r, ):
"nice" (will play)
Misk ():
"playlist in altroverso" (will play)
Martin McGuire (Bullet:Dodge, 4House Digital, Endemic Digital):
"SUPERB, full support Echoplanet by Kano Kanape & Man on the Moog by Kano Kanape " (will play)
OpenLab Radio (Salt Records):
"Downloading For Playlist Consideration On OpenLab Radio" (will chart) (will play)
Signal Deluxe (Blaq / PantaMuzik):
"Great darkness!! will be dropping this on the weekend! thanks for such nice sounds!" (will play)
Marco Carola:
"downloading for marco carola, thanks"
Sophie Nixdorf (Overdrive) (Overdrive, Diametral, Rezongar ...):
"Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks. "
Jonzz (Houseworx, Diametral, Popart, Proper Slap, Musique Unique):
"For me is goliath and his rmx! thanx for the music!" (will play)
Jose Castillo (Medicine Musiqué, P21 Label, Delikat Recordings, Pong Musiq):
"Great enveloping remix from Matthias Springer!" (will play)
Chris Liebing (1) ():
"thank you." (will play)
Brian Busto (Warm Walls, Ugly Bug, Serious Soul):
"Echoplanet for me. thanks" (will play)
Matt K (Overdrive):
"danke für die tolle musik cheers aus mainz!" (will play)
"" (will chart)


released May 30, 2015




MFSound Media Augsburg, Germany

Matthias Springer is involved in the electronic music scene since the late 1990’s, always very versatile in choosing the sound he likes and plays. He feels comfotable in a lot of very different genres, from experimental electronica, to deep house and dub techno, always with the influence of acid and Detroit elements. ... more

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